Bonobo gifts for the holidays

December 16, 2014

Know a friend who loves bonobos? Put something under their tree for the holidays!  Did you know you can donate to help the bonobos in honor of someone else? Click here to give the gift of bonobo support in honor of a friend


bonobo babysitting

November 18, 2014

Shibomba is one of our orphans, looking after Elonga, one of the Lola babies, while mom is busy at work foraging. Babysitting is an important part of bonobo society and almost everyone takes turns looking after the little ones.


Lomela had her baby at Ekolo ya Bonobo!!!

October 4, 2014

Many of you remember Lomela, who was one of Claudine’s hardest cases. She came to Lola ya Bonobo starved to death and very sick. With intense TLC from staff and other bonobos like Muanda (see photo) she was rehabilitated. You can see the before and after photos!   Everyone falls in love with Lomela and […]


Donations for Mamfufu

June 16, 2014

Mamfufu is a little village just a few kilometres away from Lola ya Bonobo. In this village is a little school with 92 pupils. Lola ya bonobo is proud to be able to help these children thanks to support from MIDEMA – each month we are able to donate 2kg of flour to each pupil. […]


Our bonobos playing workmen!

June 6, 2014

What enrichment for our bonobos. The bonobos in enclosure 2 spent a whole morning playing workmen thanks to a few forgotten buckets left by the staff responsible for keeping the grounds in shape. The bonobos were overjoyed, curious and creative upon finding these new objects left for them in the enclosure. Lisala and Maya were […]


New orphan: Kinsele

April 20, 2014

Finally we present Kinsele, who arrived with Mongata at the end of 2013. This little male estimated to be about 2,5 years old arrived in a state of great fatigue and his complexion was more grey than black, this due to insufficient oxygenation. He was suffering from a sever infestation of intestinal parasites… in such […]


Another birth at Lola… Mvula Tende ya Lola

February 14, 2014

The news is coming a little late but here it is nonetheless. On the 30th of October 2013, Muanda, a pregnant female from enclosure 2, didn’t return with the group in the evening to enter the night building. And so it was in the forest, under very heavy rain that she brought her first baby […]


We welcome Mongata!

January 31, 2014

Presenting the second of our three new orphans, Mongata, a 2-year-old female. She was brought to Lola along with another young orphan thanks to your donations during the Christmas period. She arrived at Lola with a severe cold but was very brave and rather active. As soon as she arrived she spent time grooming the […]


News of one of our three new orphans: Garamba

January 23, 2014

In December we announced the arrival of the first of three young orphans to arrive at Lola ya Bonobo. With your help and support all three are now safely in the care of the staff at the sanctuary. Here is a little information on the first of the three to arrive. Garamba is a young […]


The SFDP symposium in Kinshasa!

January 15, 2014

For the 26th annual symposium for the Francophone Society of Primatology (SFDP), which was held in Kinshasa, we had the opportunity to inaugurate our new nursery.   During an Education workshop, Pierrot presented Lola’s implication in the “Environmental education applied in Primatology” as well as our preliminary results since we started using the “Great Apes […]